Recruitment Companies

Barinthus Bio’s Talent Acquisition team leads all recruitment activities for Barinthus Bio globally.

Barinthus Bio will not recognise any notional ownership recruitment companies claim to hold over candidates they present directly to hiring managers without the Barinthus Bio Talent Acquisition team’s consent, nor any fees the recruitment company may feel are due as a result of this.

Barinthus Bio partners with a strict Preferred Supplier List of recruitment partners and all candidate profiles must be submitted to Barinthus Biotherapeutics through our Applicant Tracking Software once the requisition has been officially assigned to the recruitment company in order for this submission to be recognised by us.

Unsolicited resumes sent to Barinthus Bio from recruiters do not constitute any type of relationship between the recruiter and Barinthus Bio and do not obligate Barinthus Biotherapeutics to pay fees should we hire from those resumes. All Terms of Business must be reviewed, approved and signed by Barinthus Bio’s’s Talent Acquisition team, receipt of those terms by a Barinthus Bio employee does not constitute the company’s acceptance of those terms.

We ask that external recruiters and/ or agencies not contact or present candidates directly to our hiring manager or employees.

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with Barinthus Bio please contact:


Talent Acquisition Manager


Phone: +44 1865 591439